Sunday, October 10, 2010

Edge of Chaos


Image larger view

Edge of Chaos is a recent, unique, creative work, by Amyly from Studio DavAnn. We see the artist graphically framed, in one of the mirror shards she used during the creation of this piece.

Composed of broken mirror glass, parts from a discarded floor lamp and recycled fabric. The composition would suggest a geographical picture, of the boundary separation between chaos and order.

Measuring 23" x 24" inches (almost square) it is a stunning work of art, that frames the observer in the mirror glass.



  1. love the colors in this piece. Blue is always and forever will be one of my favorite colors. Love the new look. (BLUE) :)

  2. Hello my artistic friend, glad you liked the piece and the new look. We are gearing up for a new exciting creative season. The studio has been retooled and redesigned (spatially). The selling season is over and we are ready to create next summers latest and greatest. Thanks again for stopping by!


    P.S > your new site looks awesome!